Here I am today  for my GRAND OPENING GIVEAWAY and linking to The Pleated Poppy for “what i wore wednesday”!

Here is what I wore, (does taking this many pictures of yourself ever get easier?) but be sure to visit the grand opening post to know how to enter the giveaway drawing! I can’t wait to send somebody a beautiful handmade gift and package in the mail. So be sure to enter because:
 It could be YOU!

Okay, one thing I have never claimed is that my pictures are great photography material. You would think I could at least learn about the red eye reduction. Sheesh!
leather coat: Ross (years ago)
turtle neck sweater: thrifted
earrings: chico’s
pants: Ross
Son (shown for weather wear contrast)-guess who is appropriately dressed for the weather?
Sports Shirt: Emerald little league (comes with sign up and registration) *pth*
sport thorts: Champs

Saturday: workday–3 hours of LEAF BLOWING!! man did I ache the next day, my running sure hasn’t trained me for this!!
Gorgeous I know, so here’s the scoop:
sweatshirt: wal-mart fave
long sleeve tee: Motherhood maternity (just can’t let it go, huh?!)
sweats- either Wal-Mart, Ross or Fred Myer…so old who knows?
socks: Wal Mart
Tennis: not shown, but right in front of me and oh, so dirty- Wal-mart
Baby: The weight I’m still working off and worth EVERY BIT!!
Sunday: Church
3/4 tee: Downeast Basics
Cardigan: Downeast Basics
Skirt: Ross
tights: Silkies
Boots: JCPenny
Chunky Watch: Shelstring
Monday: Getting Sick!
Cardigan: Target
Layer Tee: downeast basics
Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: White House Black Market
Chunky watch and earrings: Shelstring


Tuesday: Sick, snow day and working on jewelry site
Lace Cami: Downeast Basics
Pink long sleeve shirt: Ross
Grey Sweater: Utah Shop
Shoes: ??? (old)
Necklace: J Jill
earrings to match: Shelstring 
Do you need a piece of jewelry matched? contact me 
Adorable girl’s pj’s: Wal Mart 

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