I keep thinking about the drawing and getting this excited nervous feeling inside all at the same time.What will I be giving away? The fiesta necklace, clearly, something big and chunky? I’m wishin’ you could ALL win!!! I’m nervous! mostly excited. Can you believe it? Why am I nervous? Silly.

I’m also thinkin’ it’s hard to believe how quickly Thanksgiving week went! Did it actually happen? It seems the older we get and the more children we have, the faster time flies and the more important what we do with that time matters.

Oregon hasn’t yet jumped on the bandwagon of a complete week off for Thanksgiving break, so we are still not able to go visit family for the Holiday and are getting more creative every year on what we do and who we invite to our feast. This year we had 25 people at our house and it was WONDERFUL! We started off the day with the younger part of the family supporting me at the Turkey Stuffer (my first 5K run ever!)while the older boys tore up the field at the annual Turkey Bowl. Nothing like Thanksgiving morning exercise before a big feast to make you think you can eat more than you really should.

my lucky number
           sportin’ the t-shirt!
Probably for other people, this would help them keep their eating in check. But for me, it gave me a good excuse to have that extra serving of pie! I don’t think I really ran off enough calories to burn 3 pieces of pie…especially since I overstuffed on the stuffing and turkey. But oooohhhhh boy did I enjoy it! Yep, every bite. I look forward to that stuffing all. year. long. No kidding! Today I’m pretending weight and scale don’t exist. I don’t want to know. For now, I’m just looking forward to finding out who will be the big winner in my grand opening drawing, and concentrating on keeping my 2 year old dry. You guessed it. The greatest part of parenting small children. Toilet training. *sigh* As well as catching up on mounds of laundry. *word of the wise* Never go a day with a family larger than 4 without doing at least one load of laundry!
girl in training
So! Good luck to all of you that have entered and are going to enter the Grand Opening Giveaway. Here’s a peak at what’s coming to my boutique!
That’s right! Big and Chunky
watches bands, 
bracelets, necklaces and chunky gems & stone jewelry

See ya tonight,

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