Oh…I was SO excited ALL DAY for this. It was a good thing that I had a little one in training today, because it kept me focused on something else or I would have otherwise gone completely silly. (Those who know me well, know that’s true.) So we paused our movie “A Christmas Carol” by Disney (which I HIGHLY recommend) starring James Carrey (who was incredible using his talent the way he should) to do the drawing—-blah blah blah blah blah!!!  Get on with it! Right?

Let me get my assistants. (too nervous to do it myself, plus if I’m not behind the camera, who can I blame for the poor quality of the pictures?!)

And the winner is….

DRUMROLL PLEASE!……………………………….. 

None other than the Lovely:

She said, “Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!
I don’t know you but you are so very familiar to me!! (are you in sc2 ward? or at least scstake?)
Were you at the Boundary Change meeting tonight sitting in the very back pew? Because if that was you, I was sooooo admiring your watch!!!! NOT EVEN KIDDING! How small world of a story is THAT!?!?


Ok… so obviously I’d love a chunky watch. So cool!!”

Congratulations Rachel! You have won yourself a chunky watch!! Just e-mail me to claim your prize!!
For Rachel and Everyone else, you have won a 15% discount off your total purchase. That is big, because I have never offered a discount. Especially at this rate, and never without a minimal purchase required. So enjoy some Christmas shopping and/or send others by with that wish list! You just might make someone’s Christmas extra special or find something at the toe of your stocking…something light, sparkly, and oh so origionally yours! Just contact me to activate this discount.
Happy shopping…oh,and by the way—
I think I’m in the mood for another giveaway here soon!
Isn’t Christmas fun!?! *wink*

3 thoughts on “Winner!

  1. Well, I am planning on getting something for my Mom so I will be talking to you soon!p.s. Good luck with training the little one! Do you need me to take brother off your hands for a while?


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