23 days till Christmas

                                          (yesterday’s craft)

I got the idea from a friend’s blog to make aprons as gifts. I didn’t have a pattern that I liked so I made up my own. 

Won’t it look great while she’s wearing these?
I had a lot of fun with this…and I’m not telling who it’s for! *wink*

Also, I made a couple pies for Book Group refreshments since I was hosting last night.

I didn’t get a shot of the before, but I reallyliked the way the Apple Pie turned out, I’de always wanted to do this weeve design, but hadn’t really gotten the opportunity. It was really fun to do with the kiddos (even though they ate more than helped 😉

And of course it’s really good a la mode!

This is the best homemade pie crust I’ve ever found (sitting in the dr’s office waiting for my blood draw-isn’t that always the way?!)
For the recipe click here!

Show me what you’ve been doing!


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