22 days of Christmas

                  I went to a quick class this summer where they taught us how to make these cute flower rings:

 I decided to make a few of them for gifts this year. They are really fun to wear and super cute! Especially a great idea for little girl a top a gift, in a stocking, or as a clip in her hair for a festive look. Here’s how to make them:

                                               Cut out various designs and colors with a flower punch

Crinkle paper and then punch a hole in the center of all layers (4or5 depending on desired fullness)

                                                              the more crinkled the better

                                                                          put a brad in the hole

                                                    tack a pin back…

a ring base or hair clips to the back  

               Aren’t Alyssa’s new hair clips adorable? I think I’ll make a head band for Amy and a pin for me 😉                                            
                                                       Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

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