20 days till Christmas

Today I made something I’ve been wanting to make for quite some time. I am very pleased with how it turned out. what do you think?

(again, I apologize for the lighting, I got around to taking pictures after the sun was gone!)
I don’t have a tutorial for this one since I just made it up as I went along. Sometimes I’m not real good at following patterns. (Just ask my Mother who tried to teach me to sew with no avail!) It wasn’t until after I was married and Steve bought me a sewing machine and instructional class, that I learned. *sigh* I always seem to have to do things the hard way, I guess. Although…this pouch was amazingly simple to make and took very little time! So I will be making another I’m sure. Especially since Alyssa loves this and has been carrying it around everywhere with her. (And everyone told me she would be a tomboy)-*phhh!
I think adding a wrist catch and a nice crystal & silver zipper pull would be a nice touch. Don’t you?
Oh, and who wouldn’t want to open this tag-a-long pouch and find this inside:

 a nice Chunky watch and dove chocolates to go with it.  Contact me if you would like to give a custom gift for that special someone!

Hope you are happily checking everyone off of that list this year…

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