18, 17 & 16 days till Christmas

Nothing like tryin to make up for 3 days of Christmas crafts, but I like to think the old addage still rings true that it’s “better late then never”. I have been crafting and cleaning like crazy with what seems like nothing to show for it. Especially when one of the things I’m “crafting” is that Christmas card I literally sat down 2 months ago to make for our 75+ Christmas card list, only to lack what I needed in supplies. By the time all the supplies were at hand, time wasn’t my friend (to say the least). So here I am, as usual, 2 months later like I say isn’t going to happen EVERY YEAR and I am finally pulling that card together. I know, everyone says they just let it go. Then why can’t I?! For some reason I don’t feel like Christmas can happen until I get my cards out. And the I did try to “let it go”, it seemed like every friend I talked to on the phone or otherwise had to tell me how much they looked forward to my             card e v e r y  y e a r. Not exaggerating. Maybe this is why I don’t feel like I can “let it go”. So yesterday I went to order my prints of our family online and couldn’t find the file on the computer AT ALL. So I ended up loading up the kids and taking them to Wal-Mart to place my BIG ORDER amidst my screaming two year old and the dinosaur machine that I swear moves slower than my home computer (if that’s possible). After what seemed much painstaking time and a lack of patience, I finally got them ordered-only for the nice photo man to tell me the 1-hour printer wasn’t working correctly so we might have to wait another day or two. No problem, I mean, I don’t even have my cards made yet, right? So I did go home and get busy at least working on some Big and Chunky necklaces and brainstorming some kind of creative card (yet feeling very uninspired) and retiring early to bed. (reason for no post yesterday). Yet I am happy to say that the card is well on it’s way although I am again lacking in sufficient supplies (thus the reason they will not be pictured here tonight) and the ability to break away long enough without the help of my very TWO two year-old. So I am sorry to say that my Christmas cards are having quite a time getting into the mail, yet I now have cranberry ornaments in the process and Chunky necklaces ready for posting (tomorrow) and cranberries ready to be bottled and given away. Things are in the works and can I just say? It’s beginning to look a LOT like

I had to post this picture of Tyler with Santa from the first
year we lived in Eugene. It cheers me up!  🙂
What have YOU been crafting?

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