5 days till Christmas

Since we did a lot of shopping today for ingredients and supplies, we didn’t get too many crafty things done. Without the children’s help, I wouldn’t have gotten as much done as I did, But here is what the and I did make:
                          Muddy Buddies (courtesy of Bryon)

Marshmallow Snowmen (Jeremy & Justin)

Rice Krispy treats (me)

& Dough for gingerbread houses (that needs to be chilled over night)

last but not least….

Our tree is FINALLY decorated!!

 ….does that count as a “Christmas Craft”?! I think this year is the longest we have EVER put off our tree decorating (since we’ve had children). It’s so beautiful to us though since it took so long to put up and do, that it is kinda nice to have it up late 😉

Hope your Christmas preparations are going smoothly!

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