During the month of December between perparations for Christmas and jewelry orders I reached extreme burnout. Something I saw coming but was in such full swing, I had no ability to keep it from happening. This week was the first week since Thanksgiving that things actually calmed down. Something I guess I should expect having a large family. Tuesday was one of those days that I did N O T H I N G and actually felt no reserve about it’s very unproductive results. By the end of the day I was ready to clean my house and enjoy how that feels. Yes. I actually do enjoy cleaning. I like the way it feels. I’ve actually considered doing it as a business at one time and thought better of it when I realized I should first be able to clean my own house (which is becoming more and more challenging) before making money doing somebody else’s.

I’m so excited for Valentine’s day and have had hearts on the mind since mid January. So excited for the projects I’ve been doing! Soon we will be selling these chunky necklaces. That’s right, chunky necklaces to match your watch!
The Crystal sold out before I could get it posted, so I will be busy this week.
Also, when I went to decorate for Valentine’s day, I was astonished on how scimpy my decorations are for that special day SO…
I will be posting a craft a day till Valentine’s day.
Isn’t this Felt heart precious hanging sweetly on my front door?
Get the tutorial here! I took her recommendations while my honey was out of town last week and made this while watching a couple of chick flicks.
So fun!
See you tommorrow 😉

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