be still my heart!

I’ve been keeping my eye out for different ideas for Valentine decorations since, as I mentioned before, my collection is so lacking. A woman posted, on a blog I recently visited, a heart swag made out of felt with all sorts of ribbon and glitzy funness. She hung it on her mantel and it was oh SO precious! I drew from that idea and got 2 of my children {4 & 8 year olds} involved. They made two different colors of hearts and I strung them together with some dollar store valentine ribbon to create a doorway swag. I actually finished this last night while watching one of my all time favorite chick flicks ever {Jane Eyre-masterpiece theatre edition} but by the time I finished the movie, It was so late I went to bed. So this craft is dedicated to Feb. 2nd:

I positively feel this will be my favorite decoration for many years to come.  It turned out even better than I could ever have imagined with so much personality from the different sizes and shapes of the hearts. Unfortunately you can’t see the sweet messages they wrote on them. I totally LOVE IT
For February 3rd’s craft, I was looking for a unique welcome sign. I ran into another blog that is fast becoming a fav-or-ite! I got this idea over here, so this is what I made:
Yeah! It’s a chalkboard, yet another reason to whip out my chalkboard spray paint. The evidence is all over me {which I’m hoping will wash off sooner than later}.

I love that you can make ANYTHING into a chalkboard in just a few seconds, so I admit I got a little over zealous and sprayed a few more things. I will share them later. For now…
Happy Crafting!!!

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