Changing my agenda

I can do that, right? After all, I have the nagging feeling that no one is really that into these craft posts lately anyway, so here’s the scoop! I joined up with a Photography website called Willette Photography (click here)through a friend of mine and am taking a free 28 days of love course on photography. I’m hoping this will improve my quality (which, as you know, suffers greatly!) and help me to capture the essence of each moment as I am trying to catch them. I have been having a lot of fun doing it since I got a great camera for Christmas!! WOO HOO! Join up with me here, it’s not too late! It’s a join as it rolls kind of course.

The topic of the day is #7: Generations-so here goes! {the first few I’ve done can be found on my MommyBug site}

         There is a special bond between these two. Something generations can’t gap.

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