Dresser re-do

A couple of months ago a couple at church was getting rid of a dresser. Steve came home and knowing I was looking for one for the girls, told me to call them and take a look at it. Initially I saw it and really was kinda disappointed, but after looking it over awhile, decided  it had great bones and brainstormed it’s  possibilities. Then, as life kept us busy and not really having the time or desire to conquer the project, I let it sit in the back of  my mind awhile. After blog stocking one day I felt inspired & started gathering paint samples any time an errand presented the possibility. Finally I found my desired color and ran down to Home Depot where I bought a can of Behr Ultra. If you aren’t familiar with this, it is a paint and primer in one! Cool! The first opportunity I got I painted the hutch. But as is typical with my first attempt at paint projects, I was not happy and knew I immediately needed to find THE ONE color. I then decided I must go to my main inspiration…Target!
Product Image 
From the time I saw this years ago, I knew if I ever had a girl, this would be hers.
Product Image
Isn’t it sweet?
Product Image Simply Shabby Chic® Ruffle Decorative Pillow
Then I saw this pillow and had to look no further!
I ran home,  pulled out several old cans of paint and started my notorious mixing magic {which is also typical, I don’t know why I ever bother having anyone mix a color for me}
I Got these crystal pulls {everyone knows I love crystal ;)} at Ben Franklin Crafts
The results have been thrilling for me! I’m overjoyed by the turnout and can’t wait to share the finished poduct with all of you!! New computer soon– *whew* Can’t wait!

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