Baby to Potter

I’m so excited to share this project with you I could just BURST!! I have been wanting a potting bench for many years, but had no reason for one since we had too many trees and shade to have a garden. This last February we had an extraordinary amount of love shown for us as 4 men came to our house every day for 5 days while my husband was out of town.
They said they wanted to surprise him by taking out two trees he had asked to borrow a chainsaw to cut down. We’de been wanting to cut these trees down for 5 years running to allow for this much desired vegetable garden that we now have!
         Now that it’s done and here, I have been able to rekindle a long time dormant gardening passion. 
During much organization and dejunking, our last baby turned one. I realized I was ready to get rid of a lot of baby things, some of which included a stroller/car seat combo, baby swing, front pack and changing table. As I worked in the garage doing the organizing thing and kept passing and piling things on top of this old changing table that I’ve changed many a million diapers on…
                        I decided it could really work as a recycle project. So I put it in the back yard. 
Then I saw these old fence posts we’ve had around here for quite some time and…
thought about these hooks I bought on clearance like a gazillion years ago and always wanted to use, but never could find the perfect place to hang…
and the wheels in my mind were on high speed until I could’ve burst!
So I got to work and started with the “hutch”…

  I was loving the rustic look it was taking on, but wasn’t satisfied because it still looked like…
                                                              a changing table.
                                                                  (whine, mumble, wimper)

                                                                                Then, after much swinging and thinking…
I took a break and waited a day or two and…

                                Every- last- spindle! {This is why they developed sprayers. In ALL sincerity!!}

It was painful. But worth it. After an hour of errands and kids, I went to town nailing, and hacking, chopping and piecing until I
came up with this:

 Much more than I ever liked it as a changing table.
Happy Gardening!!


a beach cottage

40 thoughts on “Baby to Potter

  1. this is so cute – found you through WUW post on Saavy Southern Style.I don't have a changing table, but I will be on the lookout for one or something similar at garage sales, etc. This is a great idea! the paint color is perfect.


  2. What a great repurposed item! I love it. I think I need a potting bench. Hmmm… have to see what I can come up with… you've inspired me! came over from FJI, SNS… nice to meet you.


  3. Oh my goodness gracious girl, that is fantastic! You are inspiring some women around blogland tonight, that's for sure.Nice to meet you. I will be checking back in to see what else you have up your sleeve.


  4. Oh Michelle! I am such a gardening fan and am so excited you now have the room to do it! This potting bench is freakin amazing! Way to go!!!!


  5. Oh Michele! I love this! I wish I held onto my change table now. Damn it! Never mind. I might keep my eyes open for one at a yard sale!Thanks for the idea! (Popping over from Tip me Tuesday.)Anne @ Domesblissity


  6. That turned out so nice. I so want one of these…thanks for sharing. 🙂 Following you from MMM. Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link up party going on over on my blog right now. The most viewed link will win a set of fancy rectangle chalkboard labels. This week I’m co-hosting with Reasons to Skip the Housework…so links will show up on both blogs! How fun!


  7. I love it too – it's outstanding! Gosh darn it, make me want to build one too. your gardens will be truly lovely ~ diane


  8. It is so beautiful! I currently use a computer desk that I spraypainted beige to match the exterior paint on our house – but now I want one made with a weathered wood hutch just like yours.


  9. Wow, I love it! I have an old changing table just like it that is my wrapping station… I love what you did with it! Very clever… Beautiful job! ~ osc


  10. Here's a big WOOOO HOOO to you, girlie! What a great transformation!!! I am incredibly impressed with your creativity! And I'm so glad that you know have a wonderful veggie garden to provide God's bounty for your cute family. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog, leaving your sweet comment (which made me giggle all night long!), and for your encouragement! ♥xoxo laurie


  11. I love this right there with ya! Such a cute idea, and I LOVE what you did with the top. SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing it with us on DIY Thrifty Thursday!


  12. This is genius and I absolutely love it!! Thanks for partying with me this week over at 365 days 2 simplicity's Simply Creative blog party. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!


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