Dressing it up

This lamp sits in the children’s nursery. It’s been such a great lamp and we’ve had it for at least 3 years. I love it because it’s a dimmer switch lamp, so I can adjust it according to our lighting needs whether it be for reading, playing, or a night light. It’s very practical, but has lots of possibilities…

I’m going through a SLOW process of  “redecorating”  the nursery {not that it was ever truly decorated} and keep my eye out (while running errands) for anything that will fit the needs of what I’m going for in there {whatever that is}. It will eventually be for the two girls, but as for now, it is a boy/girl nursery. So here this lamp sits. Being useful.
Then, while looking for a pan at TJ Maxx Home, I fell upon this:
Being the flower/ruffle/light and airy look woman that I am, I fell in love! Immediately I  KNEW what lamp I needed to apply this technique to. So that night I got busy making these:
I used the only white and airy fabrics I had on hand. It was the perfect night to do a project with my honey out of town and the kids all in bed while watching Sense and Sensability {for the umpteenth time}.  So the next day I started hot glueing, and couldn’t remember what that shade looked like. So I drug all my little people back to TJ’s and took a pic for details:
And resisted to buy this lamp yet again. Heaven knows we have enough lamps in our house! Then I went home and glued some more. I had just the right amount of
fluffy circles to do this:

 I was afraid it would look funny since it was on a more inverted lampshade. But I am pleased with the results. Especially at night:

It almost makes me wish I’d done the whole thing in tone on tone print!
Aren’t they Fun?!
Can’t wait to work on the rest of the nursery because while I was in the check-out line at Maxx’s-These fun knobs caught my eye for that dresser re-do.
 (More on that later)

27 thoughts on “Dressing it up

  1. I am sorry you had trouble linking at Bacon Time. I linked something up just now myself to check that it was working and all is fine. I use the most expspensive linky tool hoping to avoid problems but you can never avoid all issues I guess. Hope you will come back and join the fun. The linky will be up until Monday at Midnight, so no rush and it will be weekly. Your lamp is beautiful!


  2. I love how the lamp turned out!! Funny thing about T J Maxx and picture taking. I was trying to snap a quick pic of a dress once and so got nailed by an associate who informed me I couldn't take the pics per policy even though I knew it wasn't illegal or anything which is clearly proved by your quick snaps…lol. I also love the knobs you picked up which already look cute with the lamp.A new follower from the Market Your Biz & Giveaway Party Hop!! Happy to meet you 🙂


  3. Following from Not Just a Housewife. Very pretty! Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now over on my blog. The most view link will receive a set of fancy rectangle chalkboard labels from my etsy shop. Hope to see you there. Ginger gingersnapcrafts.blogspot.com


  4. What gorgeous blooms! This'll have to be my next lampshade re-do! Love to see you join in my Club G.W. with Charm Bracelt Diva Party going on right now!xoxoKathleen


  5. well gee, I had the same idea…but I'm doing pink on my shade! I'll post to blog tonight…I'm recycling a pink satin dress to use as the roses…I love how you lamp look lit up!! 🙂


  6. Hi, it's me again. Thanks for linking up at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Just letting you know that I've pinned this in Pinterest and featured it today here. Please feel free to grab the feature button on my sidebar 🙂


  7. I love this! Your version is soooo much better then the TJ Maxx version. And I prefer the slanting lamp shade – the rosettes aren't so floppy. Really beautiful – Cares 🙂


  8. I've seen a couple people do this but your lamp is by far the coolest I've seen so far! I'm lovin' that you can see through that fabric letting the light shine through and show the pattern. Very awesome! I have a little blog party called Simply Creative over at 365days2simplicity.blogspot.com. I'd love it if you linked this project up!!Angela


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