Bottoms up!

Throughout the school year my children love to drink capri sun in their lunches. I started taking advantage of this since they are such an inexpensive drink and the packaging can be upcylcled. I began having them save the pouches, telling them to just stick them back in their lunch boxes instead of throwing them away. They were very faithful in doing this until I had so many of them I got tired of having my sink full and working around them. Last year I went ahead and made this lunch bag I found the instructions to after google searching:

              My son started taking this to school at the beginning of the year when his lunch box began to wear out (cheap thing!) and I couldn’t BELIEVE the rave. Sincerely! You’de thought I’de done something extraordinary with the responses we got. He later told me that kids thought he wasn’t telling the truth when they asked him where he got it and he told them his mom made it. He mentioned this while I was sewing the teacher’s end of the school year thank you gifts. {Unfortunately I didn’t remember to take a picture of them-oops} It was around 11p.m. the night before the last day of school & the boys were also putting together stretchy bracelets to wrap as a gift inside the bag. I was tired, what can I say? But here is a picture of the one we got the idea for the tote bags from from:
      ( You can find this tote bag here.)
This is what ours looked like. The teachers LOVED them. After sewing the lunch bag, I no longer need a tutorial. Just looking at a sample gives you the idea…my kind of project!  So then I had enough leftover pouches to make a summer bag for our family. I have already used this summer bummin’ bag for pool accessories, picnic bbq and park days. SO easy to clean. When it gets dirty or sticky, just spray it down!
I was so amazed at how easy the pouches are to work with. What I love, is that they are like working with a precut project all ready for you to stitch together. To prep, you just cut open the bottom with an exacto knife (or whatever is handy), load them in the dishwasher and let dry.
I got creative with mine and added a pocket leaving the pouches of the pocket open to create smaller pockets for spare change and jewelry (you never know): 
The best part, is that the kiddos like totin’ it around! {WOO HOO!}

 Does this make you want to make a capri sun rain jacket? Sincerely. It’s been done. My son now wants one.

  Bottoms Up!



10 thoughts on “Bottoms up!

  1. I actually saw a girl with one of these the other day I thought it was SO COOL. We love capri sun too I am thinking this would be a really fun project. I am new to sewing. Did you have to use a special needle or thread?


  2. hello Michele, sua visita me alegrou; linda também sua pequena princesa.Amei a sacola feita a partir de embalagens, vou seguir a idéia e me tornar tua seguidora, acho que aprenderei muito!!!Hugs, Dolly


  3. Love it, featuring on Friday morning. Thanks for linking to Bacon Time. I have seen these in Walmart before, never thought about making my own. Awesome project! I love earth friendly style. Hope to see you this week at Bacon Time.


  4. What a great use of those juice pouches! Thanks for partying with me this week over at 365 days 2 simplicity's Simply Creative blog party. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!


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