Celebrating our Freedom

When I was growing up, we celebrated the 4th of July with lots of swimming during the day, a BBQ for dinner, an annual program celebrating all that has taken place in the name of making this a free nation and how the colonies came about, then we would cap off the day with card games as we waited for the sun to go down to watch the firework display or watch my brother practically burn down our neighbor’s house.
Things haven’t changed much since we’ve had children of our own. We do a lot of the same things with our own kids now. Because of my fond memories of those times, I have a great love for our Country and freedom. So, the moment I was shown this wall hanging a couple years back as our quilt group’s project: {yeah, haha, “our“? As if I go much. *sigh*} 

 I fell IN. L-o-v-e! Truly. I was rummaging through my sewing closet the other day and remembered I had it and that a good friend had loaned me her beautiful example. Feeling the need to return the loaner, and having woken up early on the 4th of July, I decided to finish piecing it (with only two more strips to add) and sew the back on. After it was complete with binding, I was able to cart it over to the 4th of July breakfast and program we were going to, and give my lovely friend back her forgotten treasure. No, truly. She’d forgotten all about it! She was elated to see what she had done. I was relieved she was so tickled about it. (and had quite forgotten about it *eh-hem*) It was also really fun to show her my almost finished product:

I worked a lot more on it while we spent the 4th on the Oregon Coast at the Hallmark Hotel in Newport. The fireworks were incredible:

The sunset was gorgeous:

The view from the hotel was Amazing!

The perfect setting for finishing a project! 😉
 I’m quite happy with it and am very excited for next year when I can proudly display it in my home.
                                                   Hope you had a relaxing 4th as well!

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