This past week has been a fun busy. We had some really good friends come up early to visit on their way to a family reunion. We did some rafting:

Some travelin’…
Some beach Bummin’
Lots of visiting…

Yummy Eating…

Lots of Photography {more to come later– Just think: Anniversary/ Family Pictures/ Senior Portraits}.


A great deal of goofing off {saving the best photos of this for bribes}. *Eh-Hem*…
A lot of haircutting– {drat! No before and afters} and Jewelry making {In trade for photo sessions}
 I can’t wait to share what they did for us. The pictures are amazing! In the meantime- our friends walked away with some beautiful pieces. I kept some to adjust, so before I send those off, I want to share them with you:

“Little girls Room Pink and Chunky Watch”

                                                              “Clear Blue Skies Big and Chunky”

~Personalized Baby- Pink and “Lello” Especially for Geneva
Soon to the boutique {hopefully by the end of the week} chain bracelets in happy summer colors! Here’s a sneak peak, check them out:

What a great way to wrap up a wonderfully fun stay from our dear friends. *sigh*
Now back to reality…

5 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. Hi Michele! You are soooooo funny, girl! Your comments my blog just cracked me up! Thanks for making me laugh today! 🙂 Sounds like you had an amazing time with your friends catching the sights! What a beautiful photo of that lighthouse! xoxo laurie


  2. Michele, I have looked over your blog. I love love some of your creations and your ideas. You did an amazing job with that baby changing table. Two of my girls have those kinds of tables right now. I will ask them to not get rid of them now. Also your white rose lampshade is so very creative. Again I love finding other one “l” Micheles but most importantly other LDS women creative bloggers.


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