For the Birds!

I’ve been doing so many things around the yard, I find that I like to play in my projects a lot. I don’t mind weeding, I love the gardening, I enjoy building things, but I can’t lie…the cutting of shrubs kills me. I think I’m just not cut out for the labor and have decided it’s for men. Truly. After all, isn’t that why they naturally have more upper body strength? Now, when I say “cutting shrubs”,  I don’t mean shaping boxwoods– I actually love that— it’s the overgrown rhodadendrons, shade trees and large bushes and branches that are so taxing. So after I spend two or three days worn out from cutting, I look forward to some kind of reward. The reward this time, will be to build a bird house with the scraps left from other projects I’ve done, such as the potting bench, and log leg bench, and more {yet to share}. So in my search for inspiration I’ve found some ideas I thought you would enjoy two. Soooo, here goes– 
I love the tall victorian design and color on this one. That style has always been so attractive and lovely to me.
The rustic simplicity of these play off the antique hardware well on these, aren’t they great fun?
The roofs on these really caught my eye and how simple and inviting they seem. I love the open house idea:
The uniquity of this rustic bird home is darling…
while the cabin style of this A-frame blue roofed house is simply charming! 
I was truly inspired by this boot house as I was thinking of an old pair of unused cowboy footwear we have around here that no one fits any longer. Although this one is ceramic, I think a real leather boot house would be adorable fantastic…
I love all the twigs surrounding this one….
Then again, why not just make one out of twigs. Heaven knows we have plenty of those around here.
These beauties struck me instantly with all their color and garden style charm—
But truly, what got me best was the mix of charm, color, fun, antiquity, uniquity and rusticity (try saying that three times fast) of these functional houses. I guess we know what I’m leaning toward now, especially with all the old license plates laying around our garage. That is, if there is only ONE birdhouse in my constructing fun future–  😉
Meanwhile, what is your favorite? Are you as inspired as I am?! We’ll see what I come up with…but for now, I’m whistlin’ a happy tune with all these great ideas. Just another reason I LOVE google!

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