Shimmer Me Happy!

 I’ve been doin’ a lot of junkin’ lately. I call it “junkin'” because if there’s a yard sale I won’t stop unless it looks like there is a lot of junk with the potential of being cheap and restorable. Then, I will stop and ask the kids, “wanna go junkin’ with me?!” and they all get excited and scream “yes” looking as giddy as I feel while they leap from the car wondering what kind of goods they themselves can make off with. Anywhere I can find something with potential, I’ll stop and check out. Yard sales, Thrift stores, trash bins (yes I’m humble enough to watch those too), recycle centers, even yard waste places where we drop off our truckloads of debris. A few weeks ago I found this little deal at a yard sale:
Two Dollars folks!! So sincerely, I picked it up and didn’t let it out of my grasp for the rest of sale browsing.
 I paid the lady and took that baby home and got busy.
First I gave it a good coat of Burnt Sienna Acrylic paint from my tole painting days stash:

                                                                     Better already, Eh!

Then a coat of the Metallic Champagne I must have gotten for another idea ( I’m sure I never actually created) since it’s that pretty shimmery looking paint I’m always hoping to use on a lucky project:
Then I painted the top in just the Opaique look. I was origionally going to cover it and decided to paint it before doing so. I’m not much for the look of these kind of chairs usually.
I really like the way it turned out. AND, as for now. . .
I don’t want to cover it anymore.
Love it when a project ends up that way!

10 thoughts on “Shimmer Me Happy!

  1. Hi Michele, Your stool turned out great! And what a steal – 2 bucks!Loved your comments on my blog and so glad to have you for my 111th follower. There has to me some significance to that number. :)I don't think I can reply to your comment through email, so if you'll send me an email with your address I'll send you some sunflower centers from my very large supply of bedspread fabric. :)Have a great day – and happy junkin!Melissa


  2. I really like the silver shimmer paint. I have a table painted in that great buy on your $2.00 stool, that way we don't care if it doesn't turn out perfect however it always does.I found you on The Shabby Creek Cottage janice


  3. This little chair looks great! For only $2 you made it look like a designer chair! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my pintuck duvet cover! I just became a new follower!-Skye


  4. junkin' AND sparkle? Now that's a good day!! I love it that all your kids get excited for junkin' too! I can't wait til mine are old enough that I dare stop when they're with me…Also, I LOVE that rustic bench you built in a previous post. Awesome, I'm going to have to put that on my to-do list!!xo,Stef


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