Syrupy Sweet

It’s finally summer here. Now what I mean by summer, is that it finally got hot here. Now I realize that many of you are back in the swing of school, schedules and things; your summer has been hot and dreadful and you are ready for warmer temperatures. For us, we had an unseasonably cool July and are finally enjoying temperatures in the 80’s, still dipping into the 50’s overnight. I’m definately not complaining, but this means I am just barely enjoying all the summer activities that come with warmer temperatures. This would also explain my neglecting my boutique and not posting as often as usual. We are bound and determined to enjoy the last few weeks we have left of summer since we are happy to say that school still doesn’t start until after Labor Day. {*Phew* I have time!} But since berry season is well underway, we have been doin’ some jammin’ around here. In getting ready for the winter, I always stock the pantry full of my honey’s favorite Marionberry Jam, but what I wanted to share today is what I do with the seedy pulp leftover from making our Jam seedless. Here is my not so secret recipe to:

Berry Syrup


1 C. granulated sugar
2 C. corn syrup

Discarded berry pulp (I used marionberries)
-Heat pulp and corn syrup over med. high heat until syrup is watery and slightly boiling.
 -Strain out pulp from syrup into glass or metal bowl and return syrup to pan. Stir in sugar and heat until sugar is disolved. Pour over pancakes or waffles with favorite toppings. 
-Watch devouring take place while wishing you’de made more. Enjoy!
And hey, maybe someday I’ll share my ever so deliciously timeless Belgian Waffle recipe.
Just maybe! 😉

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