Summer? Wait!

I am thrilled that I have finally finished my summer  l o n g  project. *eh-hem*
I think this fabric sat around in my kitchen/dining area for awhile, skipped over to the top of our stairs, went into the fabric closet, and, if you can believe it, even spent a week (or two or more) outside on one of the patio chairs it was to recover.
 All the locations having to do with having it where it could remind me of the time needed to invest in it. But summer didn’t last long here, and when it did, it was a twirl ride, so even though I gave the patio set a fresh coat of spray paint in June:
Amazing difference, I thought!
 Note: I used the Krylon hammered textured spray paint. If you haven’t used the new spray bottle, it is so worth the extra cost when you’re doing a big project. The trigger is so easy to use!
After I sprayed the furniture, quite sadly, it sat with it’s old cushions for another 2 months still looking rather drab and worn out until I finally decided that new cushions in this style were too hard to find AND quite expensive. So… that’s when the design to buy fabric and sew them myself came in to play.
 After all the waiting and sitting, at last I have found time (with the children now used to their new school schedules and routine) to sew these beauties:
I just recovered the old cushions after cleaning them up a bit, using the cushion itself for a pattern. And since I’m making them, I get to decide how I want them, right?! So…

I made them reversable! 😉
Just flip the cushion over and have a striped set instead…

                                            I love the cheery look the colors give the outside.

                                                SO glad to be rid of that drab, old look:
But wait! what is that you see in the back ground? (no, i’m not talking about the screen doors in the making, or the bbq)…there in the center-under the kitchen window! ? !

why, it’s a road side find! Yup, (I didn’t think of taking photos till after I had the epiphany of the apple green it was destined to be and in my excitement started painting) that old beauty…
After a month of sitting in the garage with no idea where I was going to use it, I realized in the midst of my patio project that the sitting area needed a little table. I must say… I am a LOVIN‘ how it turned out, and even better (I know, is that even possible?)…my little “jane-girl” knob finally has a suitable home!
It’s amazing how one project (painting set) leads to another (covering cushions)…and yet another (burlap table runners). SO love our new/old back yard!

17 thoughts on “Summer? Wait!

  1. I love how bright and cheerful you made it all. My projects generally take me a long time too.:) I'm a new follower from Organize and Decorate.:)


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