A Pallet, huh?

I have been wanting a bench like this:

              { Picture found @ atticdecorating.com }
since I first ever saw one in a furniture store I used to frequent back in our days living in Spokane WA. I loved the rustic country feel they offered. They looked beautiful in an array of differenct colors. I also kept my eye on a bookcase in an adjoining shop that sold neat country style, handcrafted knick-knacks products that I just knew would be a great companion.

So when I saw this beautiful bench over at Craftberry Bush made from an old Pallet,
 my mind started racing and I kept finding myself on the lookout for an unwanted pallet, or two, or more. So when my neighbor was getting their roof redone by someone who just happens to be a good friend of ours, and I saw empty pallets sitting on their lawn… I began to covet. Covet you ask? Unquestionably. COVET. In every form of the word. The very thing we are religiously told not to do. It’s even one of the main TEN. So as any good commandment keeping, repentant woman would do, I walked on over and asked those good friends if they might not have a use for those babies when all things were said and done. That night, when pulling up to our driveway after an activity my boys were involved in, I found these beauties on our front lawn…
{love my Vanna White? Sorry about the blurry pic?!}
and Ohhhhh-ho-ho you can imagine the GLEE! I was Giddy as a girl and those children of mine were thrilled, for they had a sure knowledge of my desire to have thosee pallets (although they couldn’t imagine why).
And did I ever just admire those things.
No one ever told me how hard pulling those boards apart might be, although it seems logical enough because of the heavy loads they carry…I just had no clue!
So I spent a day or two pulling those ever embedded nails out, and gunning boards together, and (should I say) accumulating plenty a mean wound, until I came up with this:
Then I didn’t even take the time to sand that poor thing at first, I just found a can of paint in my paint abundant cupboard in the color I wanted and got to work.
after that I just sanded to my hearts content until it started showing all it’s natural veined glory.
The next day, I put a coat of maple pecan minwax stain over the top of it, and decided I had accomplished my dream bench.
It’s now pleasantly placed in the perfect spot…
on our lower patio, just under the window.

                                     Lookin’ Fallish, in an inviting sort of way {don’t you think?}…

and it seems to be saying, “wrap yourself up and read a good book”.

and I’m happy.

18 thoughts on “A Pallet, huh?

  1. oooh-fabulous tutorial! I have loved the look of these benches forever. Now I know how my husband can make one for me. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!!Taushasassystyleredesign.blogspot.com


  2. I'm so impressed. This is really great! Where do you find pallets? I'd love to use them for some projects. 🙂 P.S. I'm having a $50 cash giveaway on my blog this week. Come by when you have a chance! 🙂


  3. OK!Now I will get to work on my lawn bench that Gramps made!I looked out at it this morning. Poor thing sitting there on just three legs! So now I will disassemble it and create a new leg, sand it, paint it and place it in all it's splendor by the pool. Thank you for the go-get-'em push!


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