Hats off, hats on

 First off, I want to say that I LOVE glitter. I mean, really love glitter. Secondly, it’s a darn good thing I do because after this project, a glitter hater would ban that sparkly stuff for-e-ver. I couldn’t wait to get started on this project once I learned about it and set out immediately to find a victim good candidate for my quest. I instantly thought of this poor excuse of a lamp sitting limply on our sofa table in our living room:


I quickly disassembled and got to work spray painting it:
While thrift shopping, I found these other pieces with potential. I sprayed the single ones and left the triple  one as is, only removing the candlestick holders.
Then I added styrofoam balls sprayed with adhesive & covered with glitter, and finished them off with a clear acrylic spray coat to seal the glitter. This step is ESSENTIAL.
Note: This process took days, since the children found it so interesting and between allowing coats to dry, tried their hand at glitter fun. Everything inside now sparkles. EV-ERY-THING. From our teenage boys, to the family van. Seriously.
I first saw this idea at a local boutique. The origional pieces I learned from, were made with a similar process, but with a crochet spool dipped in glue and larger glitter {like the one on the back, lefthand side}. I had to mount it to something in order for it not to drop too far over the base because of the hole in the center, so I used a juice can lid and sprayed it the same color. The three tier is made with a styrofoam ball cut in half and mounted onto a juice can lid, for the center one, and just stuffing covered with fabric and mounted the same way for the two smaller ones. I was experimenting to see what process and look I liked more.  Although the glitter is fun, the fabric idea is far quicker and less painstaking, although more of a challenge to make perfect.
 Now to the finished product, shall we take a look?
I feel a tea party coming on…care for a biscuit?

Mission accomplished. Finally.

7 thoughts on “Hats off, hats on

  1. Hi Michele…thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry about the email link not working. I'll have to figure that one out. You can respond to this comment and it should go to my email. Thanks!


  2. Well….aren't you just the creative one..??? lol! These are just adorable, Michele! Great job! I also loved reading the seven things about you in an earlier post. Didn't know you were such a wild-child. hehehe!xoxo laurie


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