Earring Bling

So it’s been a sad while since I have actually posted anything. Life has gotten the best of me, as you might imagine with seven children. But here I am to share with you a tutorial request I promised a friend back in….ummmm….September (E-hem). So, with now further ado I present to you, my specialty, a tutorial on jewelry making, just in time for that perfect gift for the Holidays!

                                    To begin, make sure you have these supplies in reach:
flat jaw pliers
rounded nose pliers
side cutting tool
head pins
ear wires
desired beads
To begin making these earrings you will take your headpin, which looks like this:

and string on desired beads:
hold pin right above last bead, and using your rounded nose pliers, make a 90 degree bend: 
now hold the pin from the bend, and bend the wire over the top of the pliers so that it looks like this:

                             it should now have what I call a “neck” to hold onto. This is the “base”:

you will then hold the wire at the top of the bend and wrap it around the bottom of the plier to create an open loop that looks like this:

                                 This loop is formed to hold the ear wire. Slide the wire on:

Now to the fun part. Hold the earwire at the base and the top of the pin loop where they connect, as shown in the phot below:

Hold here securely with one set of pliers. I typically use the flat jaw pliers for this for a more secure grip. Pictured here is my crimp tool since my flat jaws weren’t in reach (which is why step the supply check list is important…haha!) and wrap with your rounded pliers around the “neck” that you created in steps one and two:

                                                                               like this:
                                                                  (huh?! can you see that? great photo!)

                                                                            wrap 3 times.

                                                   when you are done, it will look like this: 

If your wire is too long, clip it as close as you can to the edge with side cutters, and round in rough edge with rounded pliers so that no raw edge of the wire is remaining.

                                                            and here they are finished!

                                                               whatcha ya think?

I love turquois. It’s so beautiful, and honestly goes with almost anything, looks great on everyone, is in fashion right now, and is a great way to add a little color to an otherwise very neutral and possibly drab outfit.

Let me know if any of these steps were too hard to understand. It’s definately a lot harder to describe than to do. Pictures are invaluable for this. If you make any jewelry using this tutorial, I’d love for you to share with me!

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