12 Days of Christmas

Every year our family chooses two families to “secret santa” for the 12 days of Christmas. This is a wonderful way to get the family to join in the spirit of giving, and experience the joy that comes from forgetting ourselves. Unified particiption is such a bonding experience that has created priceless memories for us. This year I’m going to share with you the ideas we are using for our 12 days of Christmas recipients and hopefully you can benefit in some way from them. So…here we go!

Over the years I’ve saved the messages we’ve used, but honestly, I end up making up new ones each time.
I’ve experimented over time and realized that the best gifts are the simple ones to create, least costly and stress free. {A frazzled mother doesn’t make the whole event enjoyable and really defeats the whole purpose.} So that has become my one and only rule when deciding to do this, because once you drop off that first gift, you’re committed! So the biggest tip I have to offer would be:
*Plan ahead make a list of ideas for the upcoming gifts. Although it may change, at least you have a master plan so you don’t find yourself scrambling at the last minute. Here is our list plan-not necessarily in this order: 
         12- bag of candy
   11- ornament
                             10- 2-liter soda bottle of sprite
9- book
                 7- candy cane story
                   6-story of the orange
    5- stocking
             4- mug w/ cocoa
               3- plate of goodies
                                                       2- gingerbread men {decorated as wise men}
                 1- Christ’s birth/star 
Hope your 12th day of Christmas has been wonderful. I’d love to hear your ideas!
See you tomorrow!

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