Since I’m extremely busy catching up after the holiday madness, cleaning and organizing,  I decided I could at least throw up a What I Wore Wednesday post since I actually did wear clothes, (Hehe) and this just seems to be my default outfit of the week. Do you do that?  Please tell me you do!
cami-motherhood (i know, don’t say it. I’m not!)
cardigan-forever 21
extra 5 lbs-thanksgiving through Christmas

If you’ve never joined one of these parties, I encourage you to give it a shot. I don’t do it because I love to take pictures of myself, much less post them for everyone to see. However,  I do it for a few reasons:
1. to see how I can change what I’m wearing
2. how i can revise the old to make them new
3. what i can add and look for when shopping next time
4. realize things like the entryway needing to be swept daily
and last but not least
5.  confirms why one of  my new year’s resolution is a valid must…
That’s right, this year I’m working myself back up for the races. Turkey day’s 5K…I’m comin’ back next year! YEAH! Unless I decide to go for the 8K. *wink*
It’s gonna me a great year, don’t ya think?!
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One thought on “WIWW

  1. cute outfit! love the cardigan. we would love for you to link up with us on sunday “sunday best”. we need some help with ideas on things to wear to church, so any skirts or dresses you would like to share with us would be great! hope to see you sunday!-mariegriffithsrated.blogspot.com


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