the Dangers in blog hopping

I was just blog hoppin’ today when I stumbled across a new site that has me wrapped. This little site has some lovely things. Since they are not easy to pin, I’m posting them from Blessings Unlimited, and ooh-la-lahold me down!! I’m SO wanting a few items. I know, we just had Christma, so I’m posting my wish list early. and dreaming.  One thing at a time, right? and no, I’m not becoming a consultant to sell, not even hosting…there are certain things I just don’t do anymore. Here are the items that I’m pining for:

                                                                   For the Entry Hall:
For the kitchen:
For the Front Door:
I saved my favorite for last. If I have to drop the rest of the wish list, I would be satisfied with this one.
Yes honey, you can divide them between birthdays and holidays. That will take patience, but I’ll wait. Thank you very mucho!

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