Goal #1

SO, I don’t think I ever really shared my goals for 2012 with you, I know I indicated one of them in my WIWW post. But not truly. So here is one of them since I’m thinkin’ it might benefit and motivate at least SOMEBODY out there that actually reads my most magnificently amazing blog (hahaha!). So here goes! After I had baby number 7, I immediately lost all but the last 10lbs. gained using the Weight Watchers plan. I have loved this program because it is easy to understand and use and works for me. I had used it after joining with a friend after baby number 6 and lost all I needed to use. The bonus of it, was that my husband’s work reimbersed us for it. But after baby number 7, the company started only paying 1/2 and I just simply didn’t want to pay for it anymore. There are so many other needs when you have a large family. Well…my baby will be 2 in April and I haven’t lost that last 10lbs. in all honesty (and I shamelessly admit) that over the Holidays, starting with Thanksgiving, I have done nothing but enjoy the foods of the season. Pie is by far my biggest weekness and if I could eat it 24/7 without any long term side effects, I would say, “Give me a blasted FORK”. Needless to say, I gained weight. 7 more lbs. of it. But, the reality of it all is, I value my health and need it in order to care for my family. So in the end, I just want to feel good and be moderate in my physical habits, enjoying exercise and food as a means to enjoy life. So here it is! I have been seriously struggling with lack of motivation. Then my Mother said something on the phone the other day that struck a chord in me. She said, “When people don’t feel motivated, it is that they need a plan.” That is when I realized that THAT was EXACTLY what I needed. A PLAN. I immediately thought of something a friend of mine was excited about and shared with me a few months ago. That’s when my plan began. It involves this AWESOME site: (No I don’t get paid or any credit whatsoever by them to share this information-just purly excited)
 (click on the picture to visit the site)    
I have been using this program now for 3 full days and am happily motivated. It is just a wonderful as  Weight Watchers, but it’s free. And truly, who doesn’t love FREE?! And now I don’t have to think this way:
and I KNOW this to be true:


and I’m inspired because:
So I keep telling myself:
Cause, if I can resist pie, that’s saying something about strength!
So if your goals have anything to do with mine, know that I’m with you!
Because one thing is true. Friends do better when encouraged by friends.

2 thoughts on “Goal #1

  1. There was a time when I could eat anything I wanted and didn't gain an ounce… now, if I even think about food, my pants start cutting off my circulation. I can't wait to see how you do!


  2. Good for you! Wish you all the very best with the plan :-). Your profile pics are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving this beautiful comment.Am your newest follower, would be great if you would like to follow back. If not no hard feelings :-)Juttahttp://blog.organized-living-solutions.com


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