Pretty Bow-day Gift

Today my son was asked to be the one chum allowed to tag along in celebration of his little friend Audrey’s birthday. After buying her gift, which without hesitation he chose to be a “Tangled” barbie doll, we wrapped up her little treasure. Well, I love topping a gift with a gift. A little something I learned from my mother *smile*. It’s so fun to get a gift that you think can’t possibly be as wonderful as the one on top! So my cute boy beaded her a bracelet and made her a card… (which I regretfully don’t have a picture of!)
 while I made a hair bow that would also be the topper on the gift. We just tied the bracelet to the ribbon of the package, then clipped on the hair pin:
We were really pleased with how it all turned out. Apparently the birthday girl did too, because she wore them all. day. long!
 SO PRETTY and FUN.  AND-this way the bow can be used again, and again, and again, or regifted.
Why didn’t I think of this before?!
Happy Birthday Audrey!

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