WIWW-{on Thursday}

It’s been really cold this week. Funny how the sunshine brings with it a stark chill. The up side of this?
Boots! I love my boots. I have around 5 pair and think I need more. But see these cozy ones here?
…they were marked at a yard sale for $10…which I snagged up ASAP. It gets better though… when I went to pay for them, the lady insisted I only pay 3 DOLLARS. Really?
Are you kidding?! Why? Fully willing to pay the $10, I was practically talking her into making me pay the  full $10. These boots didn’t appear to even be worn. Seriously.
Love a good bargain! 


 Vest & jeans: Dress Barn
Long Sleeve top: Gap
Purse: local boutique…the snowflakes are removable pins. The fleece is cozy to cary. LOVE it!
Gloves: who knows-probably wally’s
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