The Lucky Ticket

Don’t we always think things are going to slow down, and just when they seem to be, we find ourselves so busy we feel like we hardly have time to come up for air? The month of January, in comparison to December, definately does slow down a tad for me, but I’m always surprised at how little. There are SO MANY things I need to share, but for now, I’m just going to share this fun Birthday gift I made for my son that just turned 16. It was an idea my sister gave me in giving a gift that was big, but not something you could really wrap. They were tickets to see his (our) favorite comedian Brian Regan, who is coming to Eugene in March. This was a tough one to keep a secret. I was just as excited about it as he was going to be! I started off by buying 5 different candy bars and rewrapping them with foil oragami paper:
Then I printed off these fun wrappers and hid the tickets in 3 of them:
each bar indicated a chance to find some “winning ticket”:

Then we wrapped them all up in a fun package. Using the “gift on a gift” technique, of course!
(a bow tie made with one of my other son’s oragami skills)
And that Birthday boy was so excited!
 You should have seen his reaction when he found those tickets tucked so cleverly in each wrapper.

And unfortunately you can’t, because the batteries in the camera died.
No lie.
Happy 16th my adorable boy!

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