Well! I hope your Valentine’s day was filled with  sweet love and a stronger appreciation for those blessed relationships in your life. Ours was enjoyable starting with the traditional surprise gift with homemade card from mom and dad in the bathroom:
To the heartshaped pancakes for breakfast

to the festive Valentine dinner (which I have no proof of *wimper*), kiss suckers at night
and all the school parties in between. We were feeling the fun of one of my very FAVORITE times of the year. Not to mention the sweetness of loving thoughts shared.
Lots of great projects coming up too!
1) bedroom reveal
2) what 10 year old Jeremy has been creating in the garage {truly AMAZING!}
3) reorganized order in the home, a few tips from this rescued mother of seven {that’s me!}
…Just to name a few. Come back soon and leave me a word, because when you do, I love checking out what you’ve been up too 😉

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