IKEA here I come!

Overwhelmed by renovating and painting and the children being wrestless, I decided to take them on a little trip to Portland the other day. I have heard so many things about IKEA and have never actually been there myself. SoOoo, we piled in the car, ordered us some real americanized mexican Taco Bell food, and set off. The weather was gorgeous! A perfect day to enjoy a little excursion.
On our way the children played, told stories, slept, and shared their Frutista Freeze
As we were traveling, the little asked if they could play at a playland. I was thinking I would squeeze this in somehow, but when we arrived at IKEA,
we were pleasantly surprised to see that while I shopped with the baby…
they could play for an hour. Perfect timing for Mom and littles!
They enjoyed “Smiland”, I found some great accessories for the teen boy room, and we walked out of there with ice cream cones. The perfect ending to the day out that we needed.

I felt rejuvinated for a couple days afterward. Thank you IKEA. We’ll be back!

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