flower girls

There’s this children’s second hand shop up the street called “My Little Children”. For the last few years, every time I would go there I would see these adorable little dolls on a shelf display near the registers in the front.

The owner there made it quite clear they weren’t for sale, so one day I asked them if I could take pictures. They were so darling I just couldn’t stand it, and I knew one day I would go home and make them from things I had lying around in my craft closet.

They don’t look like they’d be that hard to make.

 A few months ago, however, the children’s store changed locations to a shopping center further up the street. One day I decided to step in for a peek, and saw these little darlings on display,

only they didn’t say they were for sale this time. I picked them up and asked the sales lady if they were for sale. She told me they weren’t, but that since they’d had them so long, she would sell them for Seven dollars and fifty cents a piece!!!

 Holy STEEL of a deal. Was I ever happy. It was everything I could do to contain my happydance. I was seriously willing to pay double that!

Today, these little beauties are an asset to the girl’s room, gracing their dresser with their ever adorable presence. We’ve named them “Sugar”

and “Spice”.

I’m so happy to call them ours. I was once told I’m easy to please….

                                                                           I think I am 😉

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