The Simple Things

A couple Sundays ago I was busy getting the children ready for church when the older boys were leaving  told me that I needed to come to the door. At first I asked them why since things were so hectic and I was in the middle of doing one of the girls’ hair. They said, “just come to the door, there’s something here you need to get.”
Curiously I came to the door to find this:
I can’t even tell you what a sweet surprise it was and how great it made me feel. Especially upon reading the sweet card attached.
That day we enjoyed them throughout our Sunday dinner, Steve and I peering around them to talk to each other 😉
(doesn’t Jeremy set a pretty table?!) 
Then for the next couple weeks, they graced our island, greeting us with a cheery welcome each time we entered the kitchen. And reminding me that,

Simple things we say and do can make all the difference in people’s lives.
I’m so grateful for thoughtful friends who bless my life each and every day with their words of encouragement and kindness.
I am so blessed!

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