Back to School

I so love this time of year, but as always the end of the summer, Back to school for my children is so bitter-sweet. I’m deteremined to make it all a fun experience when my children start classes again next week. It’s taken awhile for my mentality to get prepared, but now that the children are increasingly more wrestless and summer activities are winding down, I think we are all ready for school to begin. This is the start of a new phase for me too, since all my children but the youngest will be in attendance. I’m looking forward to only having little miss easy home and getting things done. I don’t have a handle on things like so many of you amazingly organized mothers out there!
 Over the last year or so ago, since I joined pinterest, I have gathered a few wonderful ideas I thought would be a fun way to start off the school year. Check out these wonderful teacher gifts:
#1 Teacher, dry erase markers, teacher gift, teacher appreciation gift
Here’s a cute idea from The Happy Scraps with step by step instructions.

Or how about this treat from Thrifty and Thriving?

I just LOVE the bright and cheery colors on this highlighter bouquet from diy

This idea is so sweet from The Diary of Dave’s Wife complete with tag printable!

And now for my ultimate favorite.

Tell me what teacher doesn’t need one of THESE from Bee In Our Bonnet?!

I hope your Back to School is a happy one!

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