Dear Readers: What do you think?

Back in May I began to re-do my kitchen and dining area. It needs some serious updating.
This is what it looked like back then:


hutch, fireplace, and shelf walls. After painting the kitchen and it not being what I had envisioned, I came to a standstill. (the below picture shows the wall color unfinished).

 Although I’m still a bit stumped on what I want to do for the wall colors, I am ready to move on with a few things in the kitchen. My vision has not fully vanished. One example is this cabinet I picked up  at a yard sale a year ago this last summer and drug it into the house. My family keeps asking me why I have a junky cabinet in our house. I got it for a mere 5 bucks!

The possibilities were too much to resist. I couldn’t help myself. I do that a lot. Have a vision of what it can be and let it sit in the garage so we can trip around it for a good 6 months before finally helping it reach it’s potential. Poor thing. Now that it has served its initiation time, it has officially been adopted into our tragic sorority. I’m thinking of turning it into a pie cabinet. I’ve always wanted one. If so, what color should it be? Because the truth is, it doesn’t fit in the cute little nook under the sheves next to the fireplace, like I planned. *oops*
In the meantime, what do you think of my design pallet? What color would you paint the walls? My family didn’t like that I changed from the red. It was warm and inviting. I’m just ready for something more neutral. A change is nice sometimes!

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