Totally WICKED!

It all started with a stool I bought thrifted for around 3 bucks. I was looking for a stool to fix a table with, but ended up not needing it for that project. After seeing an image in Country Living Magazine. ( A personal fave!)
 I decided to paint it a gorgeous teal color 
The color is actually quite deeper than these pictures portray. My children loved it immediately!
I roughed it up a bit then let it sit. The children started using it right away.
Having found a 2×2 on my walk the other day, I felt inspired to make some halloween word blocks. I started out by cutting it down every 1- 1/2″ on my chop saw.
This is where the children got involved. They look forward to craft projects, especially painting since mom does it all the time. I needed all those blocks black.
So those darlings all got into their paint clothes and painted while I sanded.
I wasnt’ too picky since they are for Halloween. I love my Halloween decor to have a little rough touch.

Then I marked newspaper to size, cut out, and modge podged onto the blocks.

The letters were done with a sharpie with a crude hand. In the end, they were lightly sprayed with glitter spray. I’m in love with sparkle, what can I say?
While those were drying, I gave attention to my porch mums. I knew I wanted to wrap them in burlap
So I dug out my stash and some twine and wrapped them
cutting around the edges to eliminate access
 So, what do ya think?


 is it totally:


OH! Be sure to stop by Ginger Snap Crafts where I am guest posting our yard cemetary!

7 thoughts on “Totally WICKED!

  1. I just LOVE this! You guys did an awesome job and I am pinning it so I can totally steal the idea for next Halloween! How is the first time I have been to your blog, I am a new follower:)Kim


  2. Oh so cool, I have 5 stools sitting in my garage that the neighbor was throwing out – yep rifling through the neighbors trash, I have no shame.Found you via sugar bee, great post over there


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