Burlap Name Card-Tutorial

Here is an idea I was inspired by Pottery Barn for while perusing their Thanksgiving Holiday section. Mine is a simplified version since keeping it simple seems to work with me rather than against me, despite the best of intentions when it comes to entertaining. 

 Here’s how it’s done-

                                       Using a recipe card, lay out burlap and cut around the outsides (following fabric grain) allowing room for a seam allowance:

Fold bottom up just so upper edge of card shows and fold upper edge down to ensure fit.

                                                            Pin sides to hold in place:

                                                 Stitch up one side, reinforcing at ends:

 And down the other, reinforcing at ends:
*note-to prevent fraying, you will need to sew along all edges or use non fraying adhesive.
 Now it looks like an envelope. Tuck in recipe card again to ensure a proper fit:
 Pin with a safety pin:
 Write name with magic marker then string a piece of jute (or string/ribbon of choice) through the upper left corner:

                 Cut to length leaving enough to tie around chair back:

 And let guest find their proper spot at the table. 

For those of you who missed it, I guest posted over as Sugar Bee Crafts last week. You’ll have to check out my oh, SO easy tutorial over there on my Pine Cone Place Card Holder!  

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