Etched Glass Place Markers

I have another Thanksgiving place marker idea for you! I’m excited about this one because it’s something I’ve wanted to do again since SEVENTH GRADE! I know, kinda weird. The first time I ever did glass etching was when I learned in my seventh grade art class. I thought of this a week or so ago, bought the glasses and had them waiting around for a few days till I had a few minutes. Sincerely, once you have all the supplies, a few minutes is all it takes.

Here’s what ya need:
                                 Art Brush
                                 Etching Cream (I used Armour Etch)
                                 and Sticky Backed Vinyl or Contact Paper
                                  *Note: to do again I would use contact paper,            
                                 it’s thinner and thus, more pliable)

Cut design out on vinyl. *In art class I used an exacto knife with a traced pattern, here I used my cricut machine:

Make sure all creases and wrinkles are smoothed out so that once applied, the cream will not slip under.

GENEROUSLY apply etching cream with art brush:

Let sit for 30 SECONDS. (Seriously that fast!) 

Rinse well:

Peel off vinyl:

*Sorry for the blur-these were hard pictures to take! 
Glasses are ready for use. Really!

That fast. AND the best part is, we’ll know whose glass is whose all day, meaning less glasses to wash!

           For more place marker ideas go HERE and HERE

2 thoughts on “Etched Glass Place Markers

  1. Love the etched glass and burlap place card holder. Will try out both of them. Great ideas! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you like my burlap wreath drop cloth curtains.


  2. Fantastic idea! I haven't tried glass etching because I assumed it was more difficult than this. You've inspired me!Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd. ❤ Christina at I Gotta Create!


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