Pine Cone Cluster

I love this time of year! I love it from the moment school starts with the still warm summer air, all the way through to the crisp winter air of February. I start getting tired of the cold by March, nevertheless, I enjoy the  season of sweaters and boots and all that goes along with it. One of natures reminders of the wonderful Holiday season for me is Pine Cones. You’ve seen me use them before here, and I’ve seen them transformed  into many festive things such as owls, turkeys and ornaments. While giving my most recent furniture refinishing update (more on that soon!) a dressing up, I needed to camouflage an imperfection. That’s how this cluster came to be.  Start with a gathering of 5 pine cones:

                        Cut twine (I used jute) into 5 staggered lengths:
Work the twine under a row at the top of the cone, and tie in a knot:
                                 Once finished with the knots, the cones will be in various lengths:

                             Next, wrap wire around a pencil for a spiral:

                                                   Cut the spiral into various lengths:

                                             Thread jute ends through spiraled wire:

                                                                 Knot ends together: 

Attach to desired hanger with separate piece of twine (I used an old rusty washer):
Hang Pine cone cluster: 
     I love to mix various natural elements. I think the jute and wire give the pine cones such a rustic effect.        
      A nice touch to Christmas decorating, wouldn’t you say?

                    To check out another pine cone project, click here

           Come back soon to check out my new Baker’s Rack!

3 thoughts on “Pine Cone Cluster

  1. Good morning Michele…nice to meet you. I just became a follower…I LOVE pinecones and am just getting ready to make something very similar for my front door!!…Been blogging for a while now but not as much as I should be…Getting back in to it now…Please come over, follow along and say hi!…I've got lots of great older posts if you care to scroll through…Happy decorating…Mariaelena


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