Cabinet to Pie Cupboard

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about sharing a project, I just don’t get to do these kind of things as often as I would  like.
I’m sure you don’t remember the post where I shared my garage sale  cupboard find. If you saw it, you would be sure to remember it:
My family was wondering when I started putting junk in the house and calling it furniture (bless my husband’s tolerant and silent soul, he wasn’t one of the ones questioning me…he knows me after 21 years of marriage) *wink*
After dragging this piece into the house only to find it didn’t fit where I’d planned, I had the dilemma of deciding what to do with it.  
I’ve always wanted a pie cupboard, so one day I googled pie cupboard images and fell in love with this beauty:
I am so IN LOVE with this pie cupboard! Love the color, the style and the patina. Beautiful. *sigh*
It was all I was thinking of doing and more. 
The first thing I did was take off the doors and cut out the wood
inset, then got to work painting the base a green I mixed from paint on hand from previous projects. After giving it a wash of brown, I sanded various parts like crazy to imitate the above image.
*WARNINGVibrant Yellow dust galore!
This was when I added the bottom shelf for both cosmetics and stability:

After adding mesh chicken wire (also on hand) to the doors and cloth staining the bare wood a minwax pecan, the remounted doors were the final product:
Just in time for Thanksgiving! *YESSS!!

I had a wonderful time adding some favorites to this beauty

The dishes are china and heirlooms handed down from my Mother, with a few others of my favorite, regularly used pieces. 
 We eat off these plates every Sunday afternoon. They have great sentimental value attached to them.

 The Antique Sugar and Creamer accented with a tin of pine cones makes me smile as I remember them displayed in our home growing up:

The added bottom shelf dons a couple of my favorite antique store finds:

The children have collected pine cones for me through the years- which adds another sentimental element. 

A lit candle on top with a couple of grapevine wreaths add a special, natural feel that I love: 

While my pine cone cluster hides a defect I couldn’t bring myself to lose for the stories it tells:

Over all, I’m tickled with the results

And delighted with my families response to our lovely cabinet.

                         *I think I finally found a permanent home for my gate too (for now anyway)

 Yep. I’m loving my{new}Pie Cupboard!
To learn how I made the pine cone cluster go here
To see the origional cupboard post go here

8 thoughts on “Cabinet to Pie Cupboard

  1. how did you add the stabilizer shelf? I'm wanting to do one for my entry table and I can't decide if I want to just brad nail it, hammer and nail it, or countersink. help?


  2. What a lovely transformation. This is great!! I am visiting you via Somewhat Simple. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas. Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays.


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