Our Master Bedroom

There are many things I haven’t been able to share with you. I’m waiting for things to calm down enough to sit and write for 2 minutes together. With so many days off school since the holidays (our crazy school district!) there hasn’t seemed to be much opportunity. However, there are many things I have done that are still in process that I can’t wait to share! Two nights ago I installed new baseboards in our master bedroom, the start of the long awaiting rearranging and decorating I’ve been wanting to do in there: 

I’m loving the way it is coming along and can’t wait to show you more when I get things a little more like I want them.

 here are a few inspirations from my pin boards:

Source: houzz.com via Michele on Pinterest
Truly looks more like our bedroom now. I love the clean and calm feeling of this room.

I’ve really enjoyed the white on white, and you alway steel my heart with French country style. What’s not to love about this room?
This is more of an in-between the upper two. A good mix. I’m loving all the texture.
Texture adds interest. Mixing the modern with the old world style is so lovely!

The colors and pattern here give such a great mix and soothing feel. Clever headboard too!

This room made me want to paint my bedroom all over again. So clean and soothing. I love the pop of burnt orange.

                                       Images found on my pinboards with references HERE

                 Interested to see what I’ve accomplished?
                                        STAY TUNED!


One thought on “Our Master Bedroom

  1. Hey Michele! Thank you so much for popping in to Heaven's Walk this morning! It was sooooo nice to hear from you again – and I must apologize for not visiting you in a while. Lots of things going on with my parents…and then when I do get on my computer, I find myself getting stuck on Facebook for some reason. lolol! FB is almost becoming as good a place for inspiration and pinning great photos! 🙂 Hope all is well with you, sweetie. Sending you hugs and love! ♥xoxo laurie


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