Happy Earth Day!

Although it wouldn’t technically be considered my favorite season, I love the promise of new life Spring brings with it. There is an exhilarating feeling in the air that comes with the warmer weather and blooming blossoms. Lately I haven’t been able to resist buying a bouquet or two of fresh, beautiful flowers for our home and sometimes giving some away to a friend when I see them or go to visit.

Besides yellow being my favorite color of all, the daffodils have seemed to wave and smile at me every time I’ve passed them in my travels to and fro. 
So when I saw this bouquet, I had to buy them with the rich yellow/gold color of the daffodil while being  big and beautiful. And…
nothing screams cheerful like a Daisy. They have always held a special place in my heart, being my Mother’s favorite flower of all, therefore growing up with beautiful bushes of them in our yard. They grew like a weed for her and we’d cut them for fresh bouquets every spring and summer. I can’t get mine to stay alive. Don’t they know how happy they make me?
So go ahead, this earth day, cut yourself, or buy some beautiful flowers and enjoy the beauties that God has surrounded us with. 
Happy Earth Day!

One thought on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. I love daisys too. Your bouquet is cheery and the yellow I especially like. I have a clump that has been coming back for the last two years, so glad. I never could get them to grow before, must like the old stump they are growing around. betsy


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