Circus Chair

Remember my desperate desk in need of a re-do? If you remember, 

I finally gave him a nice coat of paint and said good-bye to the golden glaze, adding some nice hardware as well. 
(pardon the cat’s tail! hahaha!)
We were then left with this glorious chair to go with it. Ummm…. 

Since this is my 6 year old’s desk and chair, I wanted it to be a little fun with lots of color. So when I found this special order fabric for the cushion at JoAnne’s, I put in my order at 40% off and waited in great anticipation for it to arrive.
I picked it up immediately when it came in and got to work on that poor thing, giving it a fresh coat of paint and covering the cushion. The fabric reminds me of a fun circus!
You’ll notice it has few dings in it still, if you look closely, but I left them there. Every one has a memory. 
My sweet boy loves the way it turned out…
 In case you are wondering why I chose that color for the chair, it’s because it matches all the rest of the  furniture in the room. The chair was my way of tying everything together. I origionally contemplated painting it black or a deep brown…
But I think this works best since I painted the rest of the furniture this same color.
The desk makes a fun statement and was the color my little guy chose.
I think a fun lamp and a shelf for his legos are next on the list.
But for now, we’re lovin’ that ‘ol circus chair!

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