Outside My Kitchen Window

I’ve been wanting a window box outside my kitchen window for quite some time. A box I can grow herbs in so that I can pick them when I’m cooking. Wouldn’t that be convenient? A few weeks ago, a neighbor friend of hours helped this dream become a reality. We had it built and ready in less than two hours (including glue and dry time).

 I installed it using metal brackets from the hardware section in wal-mart. They come complete with screws, unlike the ones I found at Home Depot.

Though I was thrilled to make one of my long-time dreams become a reality, I kept having to look at the tags to see what herb was what! 

So the girls and I pounded out some spoons we found at a favorite antique store and made some markers.

-I love the detail and shape of this one the best:

(Couldn’t get my darn camera to cooperate with me that day. Must be all the pounding. *sigh*)

                                     This process wasn’t NEAR as easy as I thought it would be!

                                       Wow, it took some time! But I’m happy with the results.

And as for having herbs outstide my kitchen window…
It’s as wonderful as I thought, and oh, SO convenient!

8 thoughts on “Outside My Kitchen Window

  1. Great idea Michele! I like your antique spoons and how you used it. I think I'll try to make something similar. I'll let you know how it worked!!Have a lovely weekend!Blesings and hugs,Vesna


  2. Hi Michele,So nice to meet you! It is so rejuvenating to be able to snip a few herbs when you need them, and right outside your kitchen window to boot! Your markers are so pretty and practical; great idea!!Poppy


  3. What a great project! I want a planter too for my kitchen window, but mine has to be on the INSIDE since the window is too tall if I put a planter on the outside, I'd have to use a lader to get my herbs! Love it dear!


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