31 days to Enjoy the Journey of Completion

Many of you may be unaware of this, I don’t show it on this blog much, but I’m a do it yourselfer. I know that isn’t technically a word, but the fact of the matter is, it describes me and my husband. So much so, that we just get irritated when we try to hire somebody. Because we are so set on doing things ourselves, I often find myself in quite difficult situations. 8 Years ago this fall, we moved into a fixer upper. It has been a wonderful house, that we love, but truth be told, we are ready for the must be dones to be over so that we can have fun with the want to dos. We have been so worn out. For years now I will start a project that needs to be done, and when I get into a glitch, I move on to the next project. What is the problem with this, you may ask? A lot of projects get started, but nothing completed (you saw that coming, didn’t you?!). This is frustrating when you look around and see all you’ve accomplished, yet find no satisfaction because nothing is finished. For this reason, I am joining 31 days at the Nesting Place to put me on the road to the satisfaction of project(s)…completed



brought or having come to an end <unlike most completedconstruction projects, this one came in under budget>

Related Words accomplishedachievedattained,compassedrealizeddeaddefunctextinctkaput (alsokaputt), obsoleteexpired


                                    (definition found HERE)

And while I’m at it, I expect to enjoy the journey. After all, it isn’t all bad. Is it.

So Join me on my 31 days to finish what I’ve started. Each day of the month of October, I will be sharing my joys, struggles, ideas, excitement, and frustrations as well, as I get it all done. There will be reveals of my house that I’ve never shared with anyone. Ever. Who knows? In the very least, you can learn from my mistakes so you don’t make them yourselves. 
Can’t wait to have you along!

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3 thoughts on “31 days to Enjoy the Journey of Completion

  1. Yes, I understand! I joined this challenge to finish some things too! Can't wait to see what all you accomplish! Thanks for visiting and following me, I am following you now too!!!


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