31 Days of Completion- Kitchen Mantel

From the time we moved into our house I envisioned our kitchen fireplace to have a mantel. I wanted a rustic one. I saw it in my mind and the potential it had for being something truly amazing. But this is how our Fireplace sat for years. YEARS. Do you ever stop caring about something because it so frustrating to care? 

Despite how it looked, I loved it. I used it. It was cozy when we burned fires in it. 
Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I dreamed of how I would decorate it, if it had a mantel. I consoled myself by saying that it was relieving having one less place to worry about. Still the dream remained. 
Then last November, I decided to make my dream came true and got together with a friend of mine. Those of you who have been with me for awhile might remember my Baby to Potter post where I mentioned a wonderful friend of ours that helped us clean up our back yard. After showing him some pictures of what I wanted on Pinterest, he suggested I use an old beam he had from his house renovation several years ago. It had been saved under his barn for many years. I can’t tell you how excited I became. And then the dream started to take shape and before I knew it, I was designing my mantel. 
After the mantel was designed and built, I brought it home to stain and finish. It sat there for many, many months until this spring my husband helped me, and mounted it. 
Oh the pleasure of a dream come true!
Still, however, the fireplace needed a facelift. So last night I spray painted the screen…
Awww, much better!
It’s finally a project completed.
I’m finding Joy in the Journey of Completion.
This may be a very satisfactory 31 days!

6 thoughts on “31 Days of Completion- Kitchen Mantel

  1. That is one gorgeous mantel – love love love how rustic it is – just perfect – It must be beautiful having something like that in your kitchen – WOW XOXO


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