31 Days of Completion- The Garage Floor

It’s day 1 of the 31 day challenge, and let me tell you, I knew it would be a challenge for me to try and write every day. Are you impressed I made it in day two? Oh, I am! Often times, I’m so busy with life, my kids, my husband, my home, that I grab each moment to work on things I need to get done. The check list, if you will. But now, I am in it for the haul! To start, I’m going to share the going ons of the last 4 weeks.

Eh, hem….here we go. Ready?

When we first moved into our house, my husband wanted to start with the garage and move through the rest of the house. But as we started tearing down the ceiling to floor wallpaper, we found things that needed immediate attention. By the time those things were taken care of, we had to get settled. The kitchen was a reno. for a year while I used our Laundry room as a kitchenette. So every fall for the last 4 or more years, we have worked on the garage in parts in hopes it would be the year of completion. This year, I was/am determine to make this the year that goes down in history that this  project is completed. I finished mud and taping the drywall. My husband sanded, and our friend (what would we do without him, really!?) texturized-as he has every room in our house.

He got a little carried away…

Honey installed light fixtures
So much brighter in there!
(terrible pic, but hey, it’s a pic. anyway)

And I finished the trim around the window

(sorry, found a smudge on the lense later. Haha!)
Then we made a huge decision. One that I had no idea was so big until after I was in too deep to turn back. We decided to epoxy the garage floor. 
Oh, it sounds easy after reading a few blog posts about it and the fun others have had with it. Then watching a you tube video that made it look like it took a day. But we called a painter friend for some advise, just to learn that it was crucial we prep it well and right unless we wanted to be scraping it all of the next year (as he had had to do once) just to do it all over again. One thing my husband and I like to avoid, is digging a hole and burying it up again. So I borrowed our friend’s pressure washer and got to work etching. 

It took four days. I was ready to bury myself to the left of our driveway. You have to make sure the calcium is thoroughly washed away or the epoxy doesn’t adhere properly. You can’t tell if the calcium has been completely removed until after the concrete has dried. Then you have to wait a good 2 days before applying the epoxy. Well this set me back quite a lot. I tend to put deadlines on myself quite a bit and show no mercy when I can’t accomplish them. My deadline was to have the garage ready by the time the children started school.
 First day of school
There they go…
 All this waiting and work took me well beyond that goal, so by the time the 4 days of pressure washing and the waiting for dry time were up, I was ready to pull my hair out. I was so over anxious and tired that I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. Finally after waiting for my painter friend to come and paint spray our garage doors, only to be put off day after day, I went ahead and applied the epoxy. And ran out. 

Still a job left unfinished. It was then that the painter friend had time to come and spray our garage doors. Well, he only sprayed one and I needed to buy new paint and epoxy anyway. 
That ended up taking a day. Another delay. And not only that, but when the paint was ready, the painter friend was no longer available, and I was stuck with one painted garage door, and another unfinished job. Again. So the next day I took matters into my own hands and sprayed those doors with my air compressor spray gun. Who knew it would be that easy! Or quick?! But the next day, I noticed footprints on the floor. The spray dust had landed all over the epoxied floor. I needed to clean and prepare it again. By this time, my family had witnessed too much of my agony to stand by and not do anything about it. So they happily grabbed buckets and scrub brushes and towels, and helped me clean the floor up. (too bad I don’t have a picture of this, and their smiles due to great attitudes and encouragement!)This effort was successful and I was ready to finish the job. What’s that you say? Finally finish a job? Sorry, not in the grand plan, because then mother nature worked against me and the wind (which we rarely experience in this area) prevented the job to be complete. This time, however, I waited with gratitude. Gratitude knowing that the floor was lovingly prepped and ready to go, and that I could take a few days and just let it wait. Sometimes we need to recondition our minds. Things can’t always be as we plan them. A lesson this house has taught me over and over again. Some schedules aren’t ours to decide. The happy news is, this weekend is forcast to be sunny and warm. Better temperatures for the success of an epoxy floor. So there. You see? Mother nature was actually watching out for me. I keep reminding myself that all this waiting will be worth it in the end.
Too be continued…

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One thought on “31 Days of Completion- The Garage Floor

  1. That was an awesome post! I am not the only person that these kind of things happen to! You are right,things can't always be as we planned them. Hope the weather is sunny and warm for you this weekend, the end result will be worth it!


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