31 Days of Completion- The back Door

Our back door is in our kitchen/dining areas. It was rather boring.

 It’s amazing the character a door can (or cannot) bring into an area. I love the blog Secrets of Segreto, if you haven’t visited over there, you must start with her home tour. It’s AMAZING…love a good before and after home tour, don’t you? With some inspiration from a pin from my pinboards of a kitchen she did, I got busy on my back door.

 First I primed and spray painted the door knob.

 Then I used a glazing technique using Holly’s glaze trick (from Down to Earth Style)
Wiping and smoothing until the look I wanted was achieved. 
Then I added a chalkboard to the door for a menu. This idea was also from Holly, although I modified mine using thinner boards so the door wouldn’t be too heavy from all the use it gets.
We have really loved it and my family appreciates the menu when I remember to do it. 

Just recently I made this wreath and hung it up just to protect it, but decided I liked the look. 
There now. Just a little character goes a long way. Don’t you think?
I would love to see what you’ve done with your back door.
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